Oil / Gas

Petrochemical, oil and gas facilities have specific and often high risk security issues. They also have to comply with many stringent regulations including the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard or CFATS.

This standard will give the industries involved a solid set of guidelines to follow to make sure that they are as safe as possible and that the surrounding public is better protected against possible terrorist attacks and other events.



  • Common issues associated with petrochemical, oil and gas facilities, which are often multi-site, include health and safety, managing access levels and securing the facilities against the ever present terror threat. All these challenges can be met with an integrated solution from AIC (Al Maalim Int’l Company for Technology) Security Solutions.


  • Restricted Access - Oil & Gas

    In today's climate of volatile threat levels, from terrorist and fundamentalists, it is vital to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas containing dangerous materials. Electronic security can help achieve this. Using our access control badging software each employee can be issued one ID/access card which does away with the need for multiple cards for multiple sites, thus reducing time and cost. This one card grants an employee access depending on their level and ensures that all movements can be tracked at all times.