Games, Sports & Leisure

Gym, sports stadiums, and entertainment arenas have specific and unique requirements. They have to balance discreet surveillance controlling unusual behavior, but also integrating with other information systems for safe evacuation should the need arise.



  • Common subjects related with these locations include theft, managing restricted access that may be required in the event.


  • Restricted Access - Games, Sports & Leisure

    Using our access control software can help a venue to establish more defined security zones. Using our software, the venue can issue badges to all of its employees eliminating the need for multiple cards. Each employee then has a single security card that grants access to appropriate facilities according to their level of access. For example, visiting technicians can have access to the main arena, but not to offices.

    In the sports and leisure market it is essential to balance visitors safety with visitor enjoyment. With an integrated solution from AIC (Al Maalim Int’l Company for Technology) Security Solutions we can provide a proven application for your unique games, sports and leisure requirements.