Financial organizations face many challenges in today’s economic environment. The ability to protect clients, staff, assets and buildings is as important to a bank as providing customers with a more open ‘self-service’ style of banking, but this can leave staff more defenseless to physical attack.



  • Common problems connected with multisite financial organizations include monitoring high risk areas, client and staff safety and managing restricted access. All these challenges however can be met with an integrated solution from AIC (Al Maalim Int’l Company for Technology) Security Solutions.


  • High Risk Areas

    With ATMs requiring regular replenishment and the self-service style 'fast drop' facilities needing emptying, the risk of security matters from thefts, attacks, forced withdrawals and even ram raids is increased. Our integrated solution can be configured to respond to movement. An alarm is activated quick on the AIC access control system enabling the operator to respond in an appropriate manner.

    Restricted Access - Fin. & Banking

    With the move to reducing physical barriers in branches, electronic security can help make it more difficult for unauthorized personnel to gain access to restricted areas. Using our access control software each employee can be issued one ID/access card which reduces the need for multiple cards for multiple sites, thus reducing time and cost. This one card grants them access depending on their security level, for example to offices but not to safety deposit box rooms.

    Customer & Staff Safety

    With an integrated solution from AIC we can provide a proven application for your unique Financial and Banking requirements.