Frequently we hear many stories about the violation in educational institutes and new bad behavior that unwelcomed in our environment. Thus its obviously became mandatory and crucial need to controlling access and if possible tracking of students and sometime teachers within the learning campus/premises.



  • Common issues associated with educational facilities, which are often multi-site, include vandalism and disruptive behavior, incursion from unwanted visitors and managing access levels. Not only are the typical security measures of surveillance and access control necessary for the protection of the student population, but also broad area real-time notification to student and faculty of an immediate danger is required. Special types of access controls for Student Housing and Special Events are common. Student ID's that also serve as access control credentials. Data integration with student databases and use of mobile card readers at school events have also become commonplace.

    All of these issues and more can be addressed using integrated solutions from AIC (Al Maalim Int’l Company for Technology) Security Solutions.