Professional Services

Workflow Design The comprehensive enterprise solution that incorporates different technologies mostly require highly specialized and experience resources. AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) understands the concerns in collecting, transmitting, and storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy and security of this sensitive data. Systems Installation Our unique approach combinesprecautions that meet the most inflexible information assurance standards. We have a proven history of developing solution requirements tailored to meet the demands of the application or mission, while still allowing proper access to sensitive information. Software Customization Whether configuring our Attendance Management Systems (AMS) and/or Card Master Secure applications for multiple organization certifications; enhancing devices data collection; or, customizing databases; AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) has the experience to create custom software solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers. Application Integration AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) has extensive experience in the design, production, implementation, and configuration of multimodal products solutions. Our consultants are skilled in assessing product’s needs, evaluating evolvingproducts capabilities, architecting solutions, implementing systems and deploying of solutions, with security, privacy, and interoperability in mind. Project Management is fundamental to projects in order to meet operational, cost, budget, and time-related goals. As customers look to deploy complex solutions it is imperative to have personnel adept at understanding the unique nature of products technology and its interaction with other information technology infrastructure. AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) has performed numerous implementations ranging from single-system to large scale multi-product implementations across Saudi Arabia. We have experience deploying solutions with all industries, government, as well as private and commercial customers. Through these efforts, AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) has built a rich repository of projects-tracking methodologies and risk scenarios integral within various implementation projects. Our projects managers have substantial background in solutions deployment, as well as direct access to corporate engineering resources to ensure projects are delivered on-budget and on-schedule with the highest standard. As customers continue to expand their security infrastructure by incorporating different related products, it is imperative that solutions are seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure and applications to achieve optimal performance and returns. Our integration experts evaluate the exclusive customer environments and develop integration plans that include a wide array of technology suited to meet customer objectives. Detailed plans along with alternative approaches are offered as we consult with organizational leadership on how to address concerns on privacy and ensure compatibility with existing systems. As systems become progressively complex, systems engineering becomes a critical component in managing and maintaining the stability within the IT environments. AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) engineers implement systematic processes needed to deliver the desired results for IT projects. Our focus on architecture development, requirements definition, strategic planning, system integration, and risk analysis ensures outcomes in complex and unpredictable environments. AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) engineers have experience in the optimization of products performance and scalability of products solutions. With a history of success stories and market “leader”, AIC (Al Maalim Intl’ Co.) engineers are skilled in creating proof-of-concept and rapid archetypes in support of cost effective knowledge validation.