Category Swing Turnstiles
Brand CAME

Elegant design, fast opening, with easy and safe installation

  • The leaf secured inside the automation makes the lines extremely harmonious and simple.
  • Built-in luminous crown, with modular assembly, warns of leaf movement and operating status.
  • The control board, the power supply and the electric brake are inside the automation.
  • The built-in electric brake blocks the leaf, allowing access to authorised users only.
  • The motor with encoder enables easy management of the slowdown and obstacle detection stages.
  • The programming and function display screen is located in an easily accessible place.
  • Movement activation, via transponder card, magnetic card, buttons or photocells.
  • Memory Roll for saving configurations and users.
  • AISI 304 steel structure with plexiglas and tempered glass leaf.
  • The speed of the leaf can be adjusted directly from the control board.

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