S40 Automatic Doors Operator
Category Automatic Doors
Brand CAME

The range of S40 profiles for framed doors

Designed especially for fixtures that guarantee great robustness in heavier-duty applications such as installations in large commercial areas. Quick assembly with no special processes, suitable for Sipario and Rodeo sliding doors

  • complete with a wide range of dedicated assembly accessories

  • profiles that can be combined with the “Mi” series break-through anti-panic system

  • S40A line of profiles for framed doors with exceptional solidity standards.A wide range of accessories are available for assembling.Engineered for door that see intensive duty, like in shopping centres, public offices and hospitals.Can be coupled with complete Mi series anti-panic systems.Profile material and weightMODELSWEIGHT (g/m)MATERIAL001MAL225 - 001MAL225G0.6866060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL226 - 001MAL226G1.0306060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL227 - 001MAL227G1.8416060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL228 - 001MAL228G 0.4726060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL229 - 001MAL229G 0.1386060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL230 - 001MAL230G 0.2426060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL231 - 001MAL231G0.1216060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL2230.104BLACK PVC SH 62001MAL2240.468BLACK PVC SH 62009P30.028BLACK PVC SH 62009P40.05BLACK PVC SH 62009P50.068BLACK PVC SH 62009P60.078BLACK PVC SH 62Aluminium profiles for door construction

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