S20 Glass Door Operator
Category Automatic Doors
Brand CAME

Profiles for tempered glass doors

The range of S20 profiles for tempered crystal doors, designed especially for fixtures with great brightness and aesthetics as well as the robustness needed for many daily movements

  • quick assembly with no special processes. 10 mm glass, but can also be used with greater and smaller thicknesses. (4 - 15 mm)

  • wide range of accessories available for fixing

  • ideal in combination with the Rodeo operator

  • S20Solid, elegant and easy to install.For glass leaves with a thickness of 4 mm to 15 mm.Wide range of accessories for the assembly.Profile material and weightMODELSWEIGHT (g/m)MATERIAL001MAL199 - 001MAL199G0.3666060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL200 - 001MAL200G0.5096060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL203 - 001MAL203G1.8026060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL204 - 001MAL204G0.8136060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAM612 -001MAM612G1.3256060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY001MAL790 - 001MAL790G0.4786060 ALUMINIUM ALLOY009P30.028BLACK PVC SH 62009P40.05BLACK PVC SH 62009P50.068BLACK PVC SH 62009P60.078BLACK PVC SH 62009P7 0.128BLACK PVC SH 62001MAL791-BLACK RIGID PVC 99 SH001MAL2010.186BLACK PVC SH 62 + COEXTRUDED RAL 5015001MAL2020.2BLACK PVC SH 62 + COEXTRUDED RAL 5015Dimensions (mm)All about superior luminosity and aesthetics

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