Category Traffic Bollards
Brand TISO
TiSO range of traffic removable bollards are an ideal low-cost solution for controlling vehicle access when there is light traffic movement.
The main advantage of such models determined by mobility which provides free driveway in case of necessity.
Removable bollard is removed by a simple turn of a specially supplied key. These bollards are a perfect solution for installations which require temporary free driveways during certain hours of a day/night.
A comprehensive range of removable bollards are available from TiSO in different dimensions, blocking heights, tube materials, and diameters.
The installation depth of 315 mm makes this bollard easy and quick to install.

Model : RB345-03 RB345-02 RB345-01 RB345-06 RB345-05 RB345-04
Tube diameter, mm : 114 173 220 114 173 220
Tube height, mm : 600 800
Wall thickness, mm : 4
Installation depth, mm : 315
Operating temperatures, °С : -40 / +60 (for temperatures lower than -10 °С use the heating resistance)

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