Category Full height turnstiles
Brand TISO

Push&Go is fully mechanical type of a full height turnstile. This type of security barriers mostly applied at installations for one direction pedestrian access management. Cost effective solution which does not require any power supply. Can be supplied both in fully welded or assembly (attractive for transportation) desing.

  • Robsut construction;
  • Fully mechanical;
  • One directional /Bi-directional;
  • High quality at a cost effective price;
  • Whisper quiet, low noise operation;
  • Possibility of customization;
  • Complete supply set as a standard.

Unit dimensions (WxDxH), mm : 2180x2000x2298 2980x2590x2298
Crossing capacity, pers/min : 60
Passage width, mm : 980 1380
Weight, kg (not more) : 300 380
Mechanism Mechanical : It overrides all commands including the locking command (for example, open in case of emergency). arm drop-away function for opening up passage during emergencies or power outages. the tripod-arm rearms and works again automatically, once normality is restored.
Standart housing : Brushed SS AISI 304
Available housing : Brushed SS AISI 316 Polished SS AISI 304 Polished SS AISI 316 Powder coated RAL
MCBF, cycles : 1 500 000
Enclosure rating : IP41-54 *
Temperature range, °С : -40 / +45

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