Category Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS)
Brand Advanced Detection Technology (USA)

Lightweight Portability for Heavyweight Protection

Set up anytime/anywhere with our most popular and exceptionally equipped mobile UVIS. Although fully equipped with an array of cameras, sensors, integrated LED lighting, and Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), the VI110 can be set up by one operator in less than three minutes. Integrated LEDs and LPR cameras eliminate extra setup time for external equipment. The LPR system accesses the VI110’s historical database and loads a comparative image, if available, from the vehicle’s most recent visit for analysis.

Four full-color IP cameras are strategically placed within this durable and mobile system to create one HD composite image. This composite image enables the operator to see up and around areas of an undercarriage that are out-of-view with stitch only scanning. The combination of the VI110’s four cameras also produce three HD playback windows. These playback windows allow the operator to see more by having the flexibility to adjust playback speed, pause, move forward and back.