Category Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS)
Brand Advanced Detection Technology (USA)

LowCam® VI250 

Maximum Fixed Security in UHD 

Purpose-built hardware, a superior blend of cameras, lighting and advanced software all combine to provide the most detailed image available on the market. Two full-color IP cameras deliver a fully comprehensive view of a vehicle’s undercarriage when maximum security is a must, while the slim form factor design requires minimal excavation. Image manipulation tools allow operators to screen historical and current images simultaneously, allowing for comparative mapping and increased efficiency.

The combination of the LowCam VI250’s two cameras produce an Ultra HD composite image that allows the operator to see up and around the areas of an undercarriage.

Integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) system automatically accesses the system’s historical database and loads a comparative image, if available, from the vehicle’s most recent visit. And license plate data and records are collected, stored and shared for actionable intelligence.