HID® iCLASS SE® 310x + Prox Card
Category iCLASS SE®
Brand HID

iCLASS® SIO®-Enabled (iCLASS SE®) + Proximity cards are part of HID Global's next generation secure access control platform and open ecosystem. The platform is based on Secure Identity Object™ (SIO), a new portable smart card credential methodology from HID, and HID Global's Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP™) architecture for advanced applications, mobility and heightened security.

Delivered with a Proximity interface for maximum interoperability and support in existing environments, iCLASS SE + Proximity smart cards feature multiple securely separated application areas that are each protected by 64-bit diversified read/write keys that allow complex applications and provide for future expansion. The iCLASS SE card features enhanced smart card technology that increases security and performance with mutual authentication, encrypted data transfer, and 64-bit diversified keys for read/write capabilities.

The 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology can be used for diverse applications such as physical access control, PC logon, biometric authentication, time and attendance, cashless vending, public transportation, airline ticketing and customer loyalty programs.

Key features of the 310x + Prox Smart Card:

  • Ensures data authenticity and privacy through the multi-layered security of HID Global's SIO providing added protection to identity data and secure access control.
  • HID's TIP for secure provisioning.
  • Available in 2k bit, 16k bit or 32k bit with ability to add a magnetic stripe/barcode.
  • Meets ISO standard for card size/thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers.
  • Graphics-quality card surface is optimized for Photo ID printing.
  • Available in standard PVC construction or a composite polyester/PVC construction.
  • Can be produced with visual security and anti-counterfeiting features or a custom logo.

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