HID® SAFE™ Visitor Manager
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Brand HID
Modern, Enterprise-Class Solution for Visitor Management

HID SAFE Visitor Manager automates the entire lifecycle of visitors of any organization. This completely web-based solution includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, security and background checks, access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing and centralized reporting, and audit trail functions. HID SAFE Visitor Manager is an extremely flexible solution that can be easily configured for each customer’s unique visitor management requirements. This highly scalable solution allows for easy management of busy sites with high volumes of visitors.

Ensuring Streamlined, Secure Facilities

Simple Operation:

  • Easy to use, enterprise web-based solution for the full visitor management lifecycle includes preregistration, approvals, check-in/check-out and reporting.
  • One centralized place is established for managing enterprise and regional policies and reporting for visitors and temporary guests.
  • Fully-featured visitor kiosk with easy touchscreen-based software allows visitors to check themselves in at the site.
  • Visit details are automatically created when meetings are scheduled on the calendar within HID SAFE Visitor Manager.

Flexible Solutions:

  • Flexible platform adjusts for visitor workflows and allows for steps to be added/removed, such as visitor watch list checks, approvals and email notifications.
  • Optional Visitor Secure Enrollment Portal allows visitors to enter their Personally Identifiable Information (PII), scan their driver’s license/passport data, capture their photo, and acknowledge NDAs in advance of visits, greatly reducing check-in time.
  • Integration framework allows for easy connection to various external systems, including Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), HRMS, IDMS, background check systems, emergency notification systems, and more.

Safer Facilities:

  • Watch List Manager allows organizations to manage their internal and external lists of identities that are potential threats, along with their risk profiles and historical details.
  • Automated issuance of Mobile IDs provides efficient visitor access to facilities (requires SAFE Agent and HID Mobile Access subscription).
  • Hosts can request parking spaces for visitors in advance, ensuring a smooth and safe arrival experience.
  • Easy integration with industry standard peripherals enables driver’s licenses/passports to be scanned, signatures to be captured (for NDA agreements, etc.) and visitor badges to be produced.

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