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Modern, Scalable Solution for Managing Physical Identities

In large enterprise organizations, security departments are challenged with managing different types of physical identities including permanent and temporary employees, contractors, vendors and visitors across multiple locations. Traditional ways of managing identities and access within physical access control systems (PACS) present considerable challenges — some of these challenges are a result of multiple, disparate PACS which may not be integrated with authoritative systems or other security systems, creating significant manual efforts to manage identities and their associated physical access profiles.

When security policies are also manually enforced, the complications increase — resulting in inconsistent and error-prone processes, often causing:

  • Duplicate identities
  • Unauthorized access
  • Limited or missing validation of pre-requisites for access provisioning
  • Nonexistent audit trails
  • Delayed removal of or missed terminated identities
  • And more...

Through a single, centralized platform, HID SAFE Enterprise advances the security functions of identity management, breaks down the siloed systems and processes within organizations, and enables collaboration across departments and teams.

HID SAFE Enterprise features the following modules:

  • Advanced Access Manager
  • Badge Manager
  • Visitor Manager
  • Security Reporter and Operational Analytics

Through the power of these modules, HID SAFE Enterprise enables physical security practitioners to centrally manage all types of physical identities within their enterprise and automate policies related to access entitlements and badging.

HID SAFE Enterprise provides a comprehensive range of functions:

  • Utilizes pre-defined rules and workflows for on-/off-boarding of identities, access provisioning/de-provisioning and access change management
  • Allows users to manage various details of a physical identity including access card information, biographic and biometric details, results of security checks and logs of historical access usage
  • Provides a central location to search and assign access levels for an identity across disparate physical access control systems (PACS) and specify details such as time schedule of access (24x7, business hours)
  • Allows users to create spatial hierarchy of locations (sites), the underlying buildings, floors and associated areas for better access management
  • Aggregates access level information from disparate PACS and allows users to manage additional details typically not available in PACS, such as risk level, area owner, multiple approvers and prerequisites for access (such as training for critical areas)
  • Includes a self-service portal which enables employees to make multiple physical security requests, such as new physical access requests and badge requests

HID SAFE provides additional features to enhance security planning and compliance reporting. When urgent terminations arise, authorized personnel are enabled to immediately terminate physical access of identities, avoiding termination delays by HR personnel. The system also maintains a complete audit trail of all transactions executed and delivers pre-defined reports based on access records and logs of identities to effectively manage security and compliance issues.


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