HID® Proximity eProx™ MCM Model 4025
Category HID Proximity
Brand HID
125 kHz Multi-Chip OEM Reader Module

The Multi-Chip Module (MCM) provides the functions of an HID proximity reader on a single integrated circuit. The Prox by HID technology can be easily integrated to an existing electronic module and is able to be surface mounted to an existing PCB. The MCM enables RFID technology to be added to a wide array of electronic devices, including alarm panels, electronic door locks, biometric readers, logical access devices and process control equipment.

Key Features

  • Create HID Interoperable Readers. - Allows OEMs to make their own readers built upon Genuine HID Technology™, while retaining their own design aesthetics and product identity.
  • Low Cost - Reduces development and per-unit costs by sharing existing components in the OEM module, such as LED, beeper, voltage regulator and transient suppression.
  • Security - Recognizes card formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion unique codes. This includes all HID short and long formats, as well as the highly secure Corporate 1000 card formats.
  • Single Integrated Circuit - A single integrated circuit which is able to be surface mounted to an existing PCB.
  • External Interface - Outputs in either Wiegand or Clock-and-Data protocols. Behavior can be controlled by numerous input lines including beeper, multicolor LED, card present and hold lines.

Environmental Characteristics
Operating temperature range -30oC to 65oC (-22oF to 150oF)
Storage temperature range -40oC to 85oC (-40oF to 185oF)
Operating humidity range 5% to 95% non-condensing
Operating vibration limit .04 g2/Hz 20-2000Hz
Operating shock limit 30g, 11mS, Half Sine

Power Requirements
Power supply: Linear type recommended
Operating voltage range: 4.5VDC / 5.5VDC
Absolute maximum: 7.0VDC
Peak current: <150mA

Operating Parameters
Reader LED control: Red & Green External
Input Wiegand data pulse widths: 20mSec - 100mSec
Input Wiegand data interval: 200mSec / 20mSec

The unit will not have more than 1 misread per 10 million.

Factory Configurable Options
The reader MCM will be configurable via command cards.

Mounting Option
The Reader MCM is designed to be a surface-mount part. By adding mounting pads to a circuit board as per the package specification drawing (included in product documentation), the part can be attached like any other surface mount IC.

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