HID® Polycarbonate Datapage
Category e-Passports
Brand HID
Highly secure state-of-the-art datapage technology


HID Global offers some of the most sophisticated polycarbonate datapages in the industry. Designed to provide the highest physical security and durability, HID Dataflex series can adapt to a wide variety of passport configurations, while providing excellent flexibility and tamper resistance.

Our world-class document design team works closely with governments to craft datapages that reflect local themes and culture whilst aligning with industry best practices and ICAO requirements.

Durability and Security
We bring together state-of-the-art technologies to meet the need for flexibility, durability and security. Our innovations include our Crack Prevention Feature, durable hinge technology, Clear Windows and Mirage™, creating a powerful combination for developing a customized datapage.

  • HID DataFlex™ 600 Thin Datapage (600µm thickness)
  • HID DataFlex™ 700 (700µm thickness)
  • HID DataFlex™ 800 (800µm thickness)

Our hinge technology has been perfected for years to provide a field-proven combination of security, durability and ease of manufacturing:

  • High hinge flexibility to promote booklet durability
  • Security mechanisms to fight typical document attacks such as grinding and delamination
  • Easy hinge sewing with any booklet binding equipment

Electronic Passport Datapages
Datapages are available with RFID functionalities and ICAO-compliant Common Criteria certified SOMA™ chip operating systems:

  • HID DataFlex™ 600E
  • HID DataFlex™ 700E
  • HID DataFlex™ 800E

Our datapage is compatible with standard passport lines, such as UNO or KUGLER equipment, thus minimizing investment in new equipment. It is compatible with classic security features as well as new more sophisticated features.

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