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Use your mobile phone to access your PC and data

The HID Crescendo Mobile App provides strong multifactor authentication to cloud applications, VPNs, desktops, and Microsoft Active Directory. The Crescendo Mobile App can be downloaded to Android or iOS devices and behaves as a regular PKI smart card with no need for specific middleware—protecting the user’s digital certificates, private keys and other credentials. The Crescendo Mobile App works on personal smartphones and tablets, and it is fast and cost effective to deploy—particularly for contractors or remote workers.

Customers already using the ActivID Credential Management System (CMS) and Crescendo physical smart cards can extend the reach of their current deployment to serve user groups for whom a physical card may not be a suitable alternative. Crescendo Mobile is recognized by Windows 10 PCs as a regular smart card and can be used with a Bluetooth connection or with an NFC reader (when using a NFC-capable Android phone). Issuance of credentials can be performed locally on the user’s PC or remotely using the phone’s regular Internet connection.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security – Crescendo Mobile uses digital certificates protected by a PIN to guarantee a high level of trust. The use of asymmetric cryptography and a trusted certification authority ensures that credentials are not exposed to theft or cloning.
  • Seamless Compliance – In the age of growing regulations requiring strong data protection, Crescendo Mobile simplifies the deployment of credentials ensuring only authorized people can access sensitive data while enabling organizations to prevent data theft.
  • Operational Efficiency – Enables organizations to provide instant, secure data access to visitors, temporary employees, remote workforces, etc.

Crescendo Mobile offers the following capabilities:

  • Support of AES encryption for credential management and RSA 2048 for PKI credentials
  • PIV compliant card edge for compatibility with ActivID ActivClient or the Windows PIV minidriver
  • Connectivity available for Android 7.0 or later over NFC or Bluetooth, and iOS 11 or later over Bluetooth
  • Compatability with Windows 10 PCs with Bluetooth LE 4.2 hardware

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