HID® ActivID® One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens
Category ActivID® Secure Multi-Factor Authentication
Brand HID

ActivID® One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens from HID Global go beyond simple, static passwords to provide organizations an easy way to increase trust in a user’s identity and grant them appropriate access. When users need a network, system or cloud-based application, they simply use the combination of something they know (e.g. a PIN number) with the randomly generated, one-time password from their OTP Token to gain access.

ActivID One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens include:

  • OTP Mini Token: Designed for high-volume deployments, the OTP Mini Token is ideal for consumer and employee
    authentication, particularly for environments requiring waterproof devices. The OTP Mini Token can also be customized with corporate logos and case colors.
  • OTP Flexi Token: This cost-efficient pin pad token that combines high functionality and flexibility with full graphical personalization on both sides of the device.
  • OTP Pocket Token: This portable, durable device is specifically designed for highly mobile users.
  • OTP One Token: Popular for employee authentication, this device features a keypad that provides support for PIN unlock and challenge/response authentication.
  • OTP Keychain Token: Compact and durable, this device’s small form factor makes it exceptionally convenient and portable for employee authentication.
  • OTP Desktop Token: The larger display face and buttons on this device simplify PIN entry and reduce eye strain, making it ideal for home or office use.

With HID, organizations have One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens that:

  • Enhance security. ActivID OTP Tokens go beyond static passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication to increase confidence in online transactions.
  • Increase productivity. Enhance user convenience by providing employees a convenient, ATM-like experience that ensures they have the anytime, anywhere access they need.
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