HID® ActivID® Batch Management System
Category ActivID® Secure Multi-Factor Authentication
Brand HID
Efficient service bureau smart card issuance

HID Global’s ActivID® Batch Management System (BMS) enables organizations to securely and efficiently transfer large quantities of sensitive employee data to card service bureaus for the production of employee ID cards.

The ActivID Batch Management System extends the functionality of the ActivID Credential Management System (CMS) by creating and managing batches of smart card data and securely transmitting them to a service bureau for card production. Once smart cards are issued, ActivID BMS communicates data back to the ActivID Credential Management System to enable secure activation and lifecycle management of the smart cards. The ActivID Batch Management System is ideally suited to:

  • Large enterprises using a card service bureau to personalize smart cards for employees
  • Organizations using a card service bureau to personalize PIV or PIV-I cards

Alternatively, the Local Issuance capability of ActivID BMS enables organizations to print and encode batches of smart cards without the need of a service bureau. In this model, ActivID BMS provides a single point of administration, which allocates printing and encoding of smart cards to various agents that are located in different locations.

The ActivID Batch Management System enables organizations to reduce the cost of smart card production by automating the flow of data to and from the card service bureau, or local batch issuance stations. Data confidentiality and integrity is assured through the encryption of smart card batch files.

The ActivID® Batch Management System gives organizations a simple and secure method of communicating with Card Service Bureaus that create their Smart Cards. The solution supports:

  • Flexible issuance process: Smart cards can either be ready to use, or securely locked for activation by the user.
  • Multiple facilities: Enables communication with multiple smart card production facilities, and multiple delivery sites from one system.
  • Complete tracking: Tracks each card batch throughout its life cycle.
  • Secure communications: Card data is encrypted and digitally signed between ActivID BMS and the service bureau with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

ActivID Batch Management System provides increased flexibility by supporting a local issuance model, with both Fargo® and Datacard® printers. Smaller batches of cards can then be printed and personalized with a shorter turnaround.