Garage Doors "VER"
Category Automatic Garage Doors
Brand CAME

For all types of garage doors

Emega40 is a 24 V DC operator, with built-in function display, for garage doors not exceeding  9 m². Also available in "GEARMOTOR ONLY" version in cases where it is essential to use two motors, such as large insulated doors, even up to 14m²

Ideal for moving quickly and quietly all types of counterweighted spring overhead doors, whether they are simply made of sheet steel, wood or insulated material.



  • intensive use. Designed to facilitate the passage even where intensive door use is demanded

  • obstacle detection. The encoder technology constantly analyses regular door operation, either stopping or reversing the movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles.

  • reliability built to last. Structure in die-cast aluminium can withstand even the stress caused by the intensive use, such as in apartment blocks, over time

  • innovative "all in one" design. The shell of Emega40 integrates electronics and management board, as well as any batteries for the opening the door in emergency situations

  • home automation connection. Managed through the hei home automation system; Control of the automation and its functions is fully manageable through the he¡ touch screen.

  • maximum functionality. Easy installation, facilitated by the small dimensions of the product

  • unlimited compatibility. Fully compatible with the same mounting base of the Emega system to guarantee interchangeability between the two operators

  • release lever. Located on the casing, allows connection to the standard handle for manual opening of the door from the outside

  • emergency batteries. Available from our line of accessories, the emergency batteries that allow the door to be operated even during blackouts; can be totally encased inside the operator casing


Operator total control

Control and programming keypad built into the external part of the automation and readily available.

  • initial set up

  • opening and closing command

  • function display

  • speed control

  • slowdown control

  • LED signalling for function diagnostics


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