Category Swing Gates
Brand CAME

A power like no other“Retracting” solution, ideal for automatic swing gates with very uncommon dimensions with leaves up to 7 m in length or weighing 1100 kg.
Complete systems for the automation of swing gates

Represent the best solution to ensure maximum efficiency and safety with the added comfort of all the necessary devices for installation in a workmanlike manner in one kit.

The solutions chosen for you cover different requirements, the range includes 24 VDC or 230 VAC piston, arm or underground gearmotors that can move leaves of different widths, up to 4m.


Composition of the kit:

  • 2 operators

  • radio frequency card

  • control panel (excl. kit Fast40)

  • radio transmitter, bi-channel, multi-user

  • external key selector

  • pair of photocells

  • flashing LED light complete with antenna

  • plate to be applied to the gate for the certification of conformity



The composition of the kit may be subject to change depending on the country where it is sold


  • The invisible solution for swing-gate operators.
  • High degree of protection against weathering (IP67).
  • Built-in opening and closing leaf stops for quick-and-easy adjusting of the leaf-stopping point.
  • Encoder technology for total movement control.
  • Set up to run CAME KEY and to connect to the cloud via CAME Connect.


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