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Product Introduction

EI-V6D Under Vehicle Search Camera HD video monitors, check the picture clear and intuitive, using 7-inch LCD screen with a multi-function Media Player and DVR,video (with 8G memory card)

Product Parameter

 Camera housing material: stainless steel 304
 Camera: High definition CMOS chip
 Screen Size: EI-V6D 7 inch Multimedia screen with DVR
 Power:DC12V rechargeable battery
 Connecting Rod Length:3.2m(2.5 cm flexible hose camera)
 Supplementary lighting: 12LEDs
 N.W: 1250g
 Package Size: 110*30*30CM(2pcs/ctn)

Features and Application

High definition flexible hose camera, the minimum volume to 2.5 CM, suitable for different angles and special occasions, equipped with 7 inch LCD screen display multimedia storage image playback, showing clearer. With infrared light supplement, it can be used for the dark place or at night.

Applied to check the car \ table \ under stools or container and others special occasions.

Camera housing material : stainless steel 304
Camera : High definition CMOS chip
Screen Size : EI-V6D 7 inch Multimedia screen with DVR
Power : DC12V rechargeable battery
Connecting Rod Length : 3.2m(2.5 cm flexible hose camera)
Supplementary lighting : 12LEDs
N.W : 1250g
Package Size : 110*30*30CM(2pcs/ctn)

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