Category Vehicle Inspection

Product Parameter

Mirror Size: diameter 30cm convex mirror

Connecting Rod Length:1.2M-1.4M

Supplementary lighting: 9 light, LED flashlight

Net Weight: 1.6kg

Gross Weight: 2.42kg

Package Size: 88*29*33cm (4 piece/carton,8.5kg )

Product features

 Mirror: 30CM diameter convex mirror, convex, twice times amplification, Strong toughness, not easily broken, safe and durable. Surrounded by hard plastic on the bottom.

 Minimum height: 10cm

 Grip: the retractable rod, two beads of shrapnel, plastic ring insurance locate, using high quality Aluminium structure, light weight, strong and beautiful. Dust-free workshop Grill outdoor paint-surface treatment, Long-term use of color, no odor. Equipped with a black cotton foam handles, good grip.

 Light source: fluorescent lamp and led light source is optional. Customers can choose according to their characteristics using an appropriate light source.

 Power :Optional (Three 7 # battery)

 Easy to carry: can be equipped with a convenient carrying bag.

 Environmentally harmless: materials comply with ROHS inspection standards, suitable for export to other countries.

Mirror Size : diameter 30cm convex mirror
Connecting Rod Length : 1.2M-1.4M
Supplementary lighting : 9 light, LED flashlight
Net Weight : 1.6kg
Gross Weight : 2.42kg
Package Size : 88*29*33cm (4 piece/carton,8.5kg )

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