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Product Introduction

EI-MD3000A high sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector use excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology, has high detection sensitivity of the magnetic metal and nonmagnetic metal, and good recognition for personal items such as coins, keys, belt buckle, etc.Multi-layered overlapping coil design, with high-brightness LEDs to show the horizontal position of metal objects accurately, which can be easy for operator to make judgment.

Technology Features

 High detection sensitivity for the magnetic metal, non-magnetic metal and alloy
 Self-diagnostic program, power-on self-test, modular structure,multi-language selection, the system automatically wake up
 Highly integrated DSP digital processing technology, no need tools to adjust, performance is more stable, more convenient after-sales service
 24 detecting area, each area can set sensitivity alone
 Has 300 effective sensitivity

 High-brightness color LCD; display function of power-on diagnose

 30 preset detection program
 100 optional frequency
 Real-time monitor of background environment interference


EI-MD3000A is designed for airports, stations, factories, banks, venues and prison etc.

Technical Specifications

Size:2230mm (L)×820mm (W)×550mm (H)
Weight:About 65kg
Tunnel Size:2000mm (L) ×710mm (W) ×500mm (H)
Working Temperature:-20℃~+55℃
Power Supply:AC150V~242V/50+5%HZ
Power Consumption:<15W

Size : 2230mm (L)×820mm (W)×550mm (H)
Weight : About 65kg
Tunnel Size : 2000mm (L) ×710mm (W) ×500mm (H)
Working Temperature : -20℃~+55℃
Power Supply : AC150V~242V/50+5%HZ
Power Consumption : <15W

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