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Product Introduction 

EI-7555 multi-energy x-ray baggage scanner is able to detect the organic, inorganic, mixtures or light metals quickly and precisely according to the effective atomic number of detected objects. It has reasonable user-friendly design by simple and high efficient operation. Eastimage provides a completely intelligent and safety inspection system for customers.

Main Features


  Multi-Energy penetration system
  World’s leading x-ray protection technology
  Multi-functions image processing system
  EI-TIP( Threat Image Projection) function
  High-precision x-ray detector system, making images sharp and clear
  Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data
  Movable split structure with independent console 
  Sophisticated design with multi-functions operator interface
  Suitable for airport, hotel, conference center, government office etc.

General Specifications


Tunnel Size:755 mm(W)×555mm(H) 
Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s 
Conveyor Height:750 mm 
Max. Load:160 kg(Evenly distributed) 
Image Resolution:19''LCD color display
Beam Direction: From bottom
Size:2150mm(L)x 1000 mm (W)x 1490 mm(H)
Power Supply:AC 220 V(+10%<-15%)  50±3(Hz)
Power Consumption:About 0.45(KVA)

Optional Functions


Black Box, Bi-directional scanning, OTP and Energy Saving.

Tunnel Size: : 755 mm(W)×555mm(H
Conveyor Speed: : 0.2m/s
Conveyor Height: : 750 mm
Max. Load: : 160 kg(Evenly distributed)

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