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EI-6550 Multi-energy X-ray security baggage sanner is ideal for use in mailrooms, railway stations, mass transit, highway system, conference centers and many other security sensitive areas, where inspection of baggage, mail, parcels, handbags, briefcases, packages is required. EI-6550 Multi-energy X-ray screening system also enjoys great market share worldwide, which as a baggage scanner, is favored by most of our customers.

Main Features

 Equipped with High-precision X-ray Scanner, making images sharp and clear

 World’s leading pure digital, large scale analog components results in high-speed parallel data acquisition

 Medium tunnel design, coupled with the operator authorization control, real time status information, statistical reports and multiple user-friendly configurations

 Advanced image processing platform, providing strong functionality to the operator

 Adopt Building Block design, brings conveniences for functions updates and modifies

 Meet all the applicable laws and regulations with respectable X-ray emitting devices

 Penetration, resolution and other key technical specifications have reached or exceeded the Chinese national standard GB15208-2005

General Specifications

Tunnel Size:650 mm(W)×502 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s
Conveyor Height:687mm
Max. Load:160 kg(Evenly distributed)(Evenly distributed)
Image resolution:19’’LCD 1440×900

Optional Features

High Density Area Alarm, Black Box, TIP Threat Image Projection, X-Auto Sight ContrabandAuxiliary Recognition System, OTP Operator Training Program, One Key to Shutdown, Environment Protection and Energy Saving.

Tunnel Size : 650 mm(W)×502 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed : 0.2m/s
Conveyor Height : 687mm
Max. Load : 160 kg(Evenly distributed)
Image resolution : 19’’LCD 1440×900

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