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Product Instruction

EI-100100DV is a new product of dual view x-ray security inspection equipment. It can display horizontal and vertical images by two independent generators, and can quickly detect organic, inorganic, mixtures or light metals according to the effective atomic number of detected objects, which can identify overlapping articles and contraband easily and precisely.

Technology Features

 Dual view design; display horizontal and vertical images simultaneously; identify overlapping articles and contraband easily and precisely. 
 New x-ray protection technology
 Multi-functions image processing system
 EI-TIP( Threat Image Projection) function
 Shiny clear images 
 Any selection of the image magnified area
 Collect the high-speed parallel of detection data
 Removable split structure with independent console 
 Big tunnel design with multi-functions operator interface
 Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB


Civil aviation, Highway system, Railway system, Metro transportation, Logistics, Customs ports, Government departments, Convention centers, Public places

General Specifications

Tunnel Size:1020 mm(W)×1025 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s
Conveyor Height:300mm
Image resolution:19''LCD 1440×900
Size:3590mm(L)x 1722 mm (W)x 1925 mm(H)
Working Temperature / Humidity:0℃<+ 45℃/10%<95% (non-condensing) 
Storage Temperature / Humidity:- 40℃<+ 60℃/10%<95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply:AC 220 V(+10%<-15%) 50±3(Hz)

System Functions

Date & Time Display, Luggage Counting, System Working Timing, X-Ray Emission, Working Status Display, User Management, Fault Self-diagnosis and Maintenance Functions, Alarm Function, Urgent Stop, Limits of Authority Management for Operator, Self-check Power-on, Image Magnification Display, Save and Retrieval, Image Navigation, Bi-directional scanning, Image Recognition Training, Network Interface, Browse, Save As, Ultra-thin scanning, One-key Shutdown.

Optional Functions

High Density Alarm, Black Box, TIP, X-auto sight, OTP, Energy Saving.

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