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EI-100100 Multi-energy X-ray Security Inspection Equipment has made remarkable contribution to Eastimage’s market, as it is widely used in international events and airports.

Technology features

 Shiny clear images; High-resolution

 Multi-energy penetration system

 Multi-functions image processing system

 EI-TIP(Threat Image Projection) function

 Any selection of the image magnified area

 Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data

 Removable structure with independent console

 Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB

 Big tunnel design with multi-function operator interface

 Portable separate structural design, equipped with independent operator’s desk

General Specifications

Tunnel Size:1020 mm(W)× 1020 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s
Conveyor Height:300mm
Max. Load:200 kg(Evenly distributed)
Image resolution:19’’LCD 1440×900

Working Temperature / Humidity:0℃~+ 45℃/5%~95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature / Humidity:- 40℃~+ 60℃/5%~95% (non-condensing)

Optional Features

High Density Area Alarm, Black Box, TIP Threat Image Projection, X-Auto Sight ContrabandAuxiliary Recognition System, OTP Operator Training Program, One Key to Shutdown, Environment Protection and Energy Saving.

Tunnel Size : 1020 mm(W)× 1020 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed : 0.2m/s
Conveyor Height : 300mm
Max. Load : 200 kg(Evenly distributed)
Image resolution : 19’’LCD 1440×900
Working Temperature / Humidity : 0℃~+ 45℃/5%~95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature / Humidity : - 40℃~+ 60℃/5%~95% (non-condensing)

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