Resilient, durable and compliant passport solutions

HID Global can manage the entire e-Passport process, meeting the requirements for today’s third-generation ICAO e-Passports. For more than 10 years, our teams have pioneered systems integration methodologies tailored for the e-ID sector. During this time, we have actively partnered with local and regional integrators, building strong relationships and market recognition, resulting in flawless implementations and out-of-the box thinking to meet the specific needs of our government customers.

Our unique systems integration methodology enables you to choose which part of the process you want us to manage or to allow us to manage the entire eDocument lifecycle. From data capture and biometric enrollment to key management to data preparation, personalization and issuance, HID Global can custom design an e-Passport for you. Additionally, we offer secure mobile travel document solutions that anticipate the future direction of passports and which integrate, seamlessly, with our physical e-Passport solutions.

Key benefits

  • Compliance to relevant standards such as ICAO® , ISO® and GlobalPlatform™
  • High-security solutions that follow industry security management processes
  • Innovative and flexible architectures to embrace future standards and market evolutions
  • Time-optimized end-to-end implementations
  • Cooperative approach to systems integration, providing more ownership to local clients
  • e-Passport upgrades with multi-COS and multi-machine support capabilities
  • Unified system approach: e-Passport, national e-IDs, resident permits and e-Driving licenses


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