X-Ray Baggage Scanners

KritiScan is the range of Multi-energy X-ray baggage scanners designed and developed by Vehant Technologies with tunnel size as per different premises requirement. It is a compact X-ray baggage scanner ideal for checkpoints, small baggage and large baggage scanning in high security premises such as Airports, Government offices, Railways, MRTS and other premises applications.

KritiScan X-ray baggage inspection systems are certified by the Atomic Energy Regulating Board (AERB) India with regards to radiation hazards. KritiScan offers numerous optional features such as Threat Image Projection (TIP), Network Supervisory Workstation (NSW) & Video management for effective operation. KritiScan™ can serves as a powerful tool that  lowers the chances of any prohibited objects like bombs, explosives, contraband etc.carrying into the premises, there by adding another secure and reliable layer to the security infrastructure of the premises.

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KritiScan 6040

Multi-energy X-ray Baggage Scanner

KritiScan 6040 DV

Multi-energy X-ray Baggage Scanner

KritiScan 6040R (3D)

3D X-ray Baggage Scanner

 KritiScan 100100

Multi-energy X-ray Baggage Scanner


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