Swing Gates

The swing gate is the easiest and most effective way to secure access to your property. It can be reinforced with a key lock, contact-based or contactless access control systems.

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Your best friend!Robust, reliable, discreet. The Amico solution is designed for gates with swing leaves up to 1.8 m in length.


Customised solution? With Axo you have made the right choiceIdeal for swing gates of different sizes: 2 to 7 m in length per leaf. Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.


Technology within arm's reachSuitable for applications in medium and large pillars. Thanks to the jointed arm, swing gates with leaves up to2.3 m in length can be moved.


Versatile on large pillarsSimple to affix to leaves up to 4 m in length, with practical jointed arm.


A power like no other“Retracting” solution, ideal for automatic swing gates with very uncommon dimensions with leaves up to 7 m in length or weighing 1100 kg.


Stylo: small on the outside, big on the insideJust 8 cm; all that's required for this solution, ideal for swing gates with leaves up to 1.8 m in length.For applications on small pillars or in the presence of fences or walls behind the gate.


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