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Mobile authentication is the process by which a system, supporting mobile connectivity, verifies the identity of the user or other system who desires access via a mobile credential.

As more business is conducted on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables, organizations need to meet user demands for flexible access control and identity management—without sacrificing security and privacy.

Use a mobile device to securely access facilities and cloud applications.

Explore innovative and award winning mobile access solutions that combine the highest levels of security and privacy with cutting-edge convenience.

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HID Mobile Access Solutions

Merge security with convenience by adding secure access control via mobile device

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Government Mobile ID

Secure, government-issued identification credentials on your smartphone

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Use a mobile device to verify the physical presence of a person or product.

Confirm the presence of a caregiver, security guard, or service provider with secure technologies and authentication services to trust services are delivered at the right location, for the right amount of time.

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More Secure, Smarter Workplaces

Secure and automate antiquated processes using trusted NFC Technology

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Electronic Visit Verification

Eliminate healthcare billing fraud using secure electronic visit verification

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Use a mobile device for multi-factor authentication.

Leave passwords behind by implementing advanced layered authentication solutions that allow for simplified, secure access from mobile devices.

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Multi-factor Authentication for Government and Regulated Industries

A solution that delivers physical and IT access with one card, including the complete lifecycle of the identity: from identity proofing, secure credential issuance, management and retirement of the secure credential.

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Digital Push Authentication and Verification Solution

A combination of public key-based cryptography and mobile push notifications delivers a secure way for users to authenticate and verify transactions

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Multi-factor Authentication

Enable users to easily perform their daily work without compromising network security

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Securely verify identities using a mobile device.

Governments can complement their physical IDs by securely provisioning a citizen’s ID — national ID, driver’s license or other forms of identification — to a mobile phone.

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A new level of convenience allows you to safely and securely verify someone’s identity, even from a distance or when you're offline.

Government Mobile ID

Secure, government-issued identification credentials on your smartphone

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