What is CCTV Cameras?

CCTV full form in English is a Closed-circuit television that is used for safety and monitoring purposes. CCTV camera gives you live coverage and recorded clips. Therefore, the CCTV camera is used in schools, colleges, banks, malls, Private places, etc. The footage of the CCTV camera is displayed on a limited number of screens but it is not displayed publicly.

Parts of CCTV Camera

In CCTV Camera there are two types of technology, HD & IP and each technology uses different kinds of parts. We describe you with some points.

  • CCTV Camera


  • Monitor

  • Power Supply

  • POE Switch

  • BNC/DC/RJ45 Connector

  • Surveillance Hard disk

  • 3 + 1 Wire

  • Cat 6 Wire

Types of CCTV Camera

In this, we only talk about the popular CCTV Camera which is generally use in society, warehouses, houses, buildings, etc.

Dome Camera: Basically, we use a dome camera for indoor because of their size and shape. Moreover, It comes in a round shape and can rotate 360 degrees.

Bullet Camera: However, we use a Bullet camera for outdoor because it views long distances. Further, it comes in a long and cylindrical shape. Mainly, The Installation of these cameras is for outdoor places only. As the casing of the bullet camera is water, dust, and dirt resistant.

PTZ Camera: PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera has a feature to manually move the camera left or right, up and down, and even allow the lens to zoom closer or farther.

Wireless Camera: Wireless camera reduces the time of installation. Basically, it works on a local network. And “No need of wiring” wireless CCTV camera live on mobile and record on the memory card.

Fish-eye Camera: Fish-eye camera is an ultra-wide-angle lens camera that provides dynamic viewing angles, including panoramic 180 degrees and 360 degrees views.

Color View Camera: The color view camera give you a colorful view in dark. Basically, the camera has an inbuilt led which automatically turns light in the dark.

Functioning Of CCTV Camera

Essentially, the CCTV Cameras works on two technology- IP & HD.

IP camera- These are based on the internet connection.

HD camera- These are based on different connectors.

Firstly, there is a lens that captures all lights and transfers them into a sensor. Secondly, through the Digital signal process the image sensor captures optical signals & converting them into electrical signals. Further, it will carry through the cable into DVR. After that it will again convert into electrical signals to optical signals to show the video.

Benefits of CCTV Camera

  • Detect and stop crime:
  • Notably, CCTV will help you to secure the premises, as the crime rate is increasing day by day. Moreover, it is having a motion detector and built-in siren alarm system for immediate push notification to your mobile phone.

    • Monitor activities:

    CCTV cameras will keep an eye on what is happening at your premises. Also, it allows you to monitor through your mobile phones.

    • Collection of Evidence:

    Whenever any crime happens CCTV camera will capture the footage which later on can serve as evidence. Further, you can also export the footage from DVR to your devices like Pen-drive, memory card, etc.

    • Security

    One of the most important benefits of CCTV cameras is the security of people. Basically, via CCTV Camera in-home you can keep track of elders, children, or pets. With an appropriate setup, you will be able to check-in CCTV cameras about the security of your family, friends, or pets.

    Moreover, it is equally essential to safeguard your employees as well. Therefore, CCTV will encourage good behavior & will help in avoiding any complications occurring due to employee violence or outside invader.


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