AIC Chairman letter

AIC main objective is to build innovative solutions and provide unique quality of services to all customers. Our products are selected carfuly to be easy to use and reliable.

AIC connects you with what you value most. Founded in 1995, AIC has grown to become a leading systems integrator and solutions provider. From the security core to the edge, AIC valuable products portfolio includes Access Control, Biometric Devices, Surveillance & CCTV & Video Management system, ID & Smart Card Printers, Attendance Management System, Automatic Gates, Glass & Sliding Doors, Parking Management Systems & Barriers, Connectivity, and Peripheral device categories.

An emphasis on continual improvement and our quality management is an essential component of AIC success. The AIC solutions are consistently recognized for exceptional quality, superior performance, and responsive support. As a dynamic team, we have the ability to react and respond quickly to market demand, doing away with inefficient large corporation bureaucracy. Our customers’ needs are our main focus and we take great pride in our ongoing company initiative.

AIC work ethic is founded on a ‘what-ever-it-takes’ attitude and diligent persistence to ensure all projects and assignments are completely fulfilled to the utmost. At the end we are proud to serve you!

Our Vision

Continue being the partner of choice for driving your business through providing advanced and applied solutions for card printing technology, access control and security systems.

Our Mission

Every day, Al Maalim International Company (AIC) solutions and services in the field of card technology and control systems, security systems via professional and certified team assist to make the country safer in many industries. Protecting people and property is a serious responsibility. Our software systems and equipment must be reliable, technologically advanced, and effective.

Our Values

Our knowledge, experience and investment in people are continuously being applied to create modern automation and security integration solutions in all industries e.g. government, private and commercial projects.

AIC main goal is customer satisfaction therefore we give very high attention to our customer requirements, and company team at all levels devote their time and their efforts to understand customer needs with precision and depth.

We maintain through credibility and transparency to all our customers a sophisticated and professional effort which is reflected in the implementation of projects in planned dates accurately and efficiently.

Founded in 1995, Al Maalim International Co. (AIC) for Technology is a leader in the field of security solutions and integrated security systems providing the latest in products and services in these areas. We offer an extensive range of Access Control, Finger Print, Consumables, Card Printing & Encoding, Time Attendance and/or Enrollment & Management System, Security & Visitor Management System, Intrusion, alarm communications products & IP network/digital video & CCTV systems, Web- based products and services addressing the current and future needs of automation and security systems.

AIC design, markets and supports integrated security technologies and solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the advanced access control solutions combines with the powerful models of door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale solutions.

Access Control, such as security systems, addresses the full scope of risks that might arise including robbery.