قسم الأبواب الدوارة السريعة
العلامة التجارية TISO

Sweeper Airport Line.
This is a “double-identification stage” or “migration” system. Based on Sweeper and Sweeper-HG models. It is like “constructor” so you can order system you need: with both waist-height glasses; with both full-height glasses; with one waist-height and one full-height glasses.
Also there are plenty of space for additional equipment (like ACS or for some identification devices). It is situated in the beginning and at the middle of whole system. Also you can order any additional post or holder for identification devices (for example for IRIS reader; finger-print; face-recognition; etc). It can me only single-passage or multi-passages.
The main place of usage – airport. Both for internal or international terminals.

When power goes OFF both directions are free.


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