Levixo 24V 40 / 60 RTS
قسم الحواجز
العلامة التجارية somfy
> Intensive use with 2 000 operations per day thanks to the 24V motor > Automatic closing with adjustable delay >Led settings for warnings > Fast closing setting with immediate closing after photocells detection >Courtesy light > Differentiated open and close wired input compatible for schedule operation Fast in motion >Fast opening and closing from 2.5s to 9s > Full control of barrier speed thanks to adjustable acceleration, travel speed and deceleration User safety > Built-in obstacle detection thanks to encoder technology >Adjustable brake at end closing > Full control of barrier forces with adjustable opening and closing torques >Orange light with 2s warning Product security > Mechanical and electronical end limits for secured and accurate operation > Various independant fuses to protect the control board
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