قسم Readers
العلامة التجارية IDTECK
• 125KHz Proximity Card Reader
• ASK [EM] Format
• Read Range: Up to 4 inch (10cm) – IP10 / IP20
• User format available
• 26bit Wiegand(default), RS232 and ABA Track II (optional) Output
• Easy to install on Metal Door Frame or Mullion
• External LED Control
• External Buzzer Control
• Indoor / Outdoor Operation
• Solid Epoxy Potted
• IP10 / IP20: Waterproof (IP65 / IP66)
• Warranty: Life Time
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Options: Supervisory Signal
• Compatible Controller: iCON100, iTDC, Third Party Controller
ASK[EM] Format Standalone Controller
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