IDTECK Enterprise
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العلامة التجارية IDTECK
IDTECK Enterprise is a Professional Access Control Management SW that is suitable for high security facilities such as Airports, Intelligent Buildings, Laboratories, and other Special Facilities where an efficient system is required.  This System manages multiple locations via LAN/WAN Communication and will guarantee Stable Performance even during Emergency Situations.

Total Secruity Management Software


      Variety Access Control Management Solutions
    "Unlimited customer demand"

      •Video Surveillance Integration
      •Multi-Site Management
      •Fault Tolerant System Applied
      •Enhanced System Security features
      •User Defined integrated Monitoring
      •Providing Total solution
         - Access control      - Visitor Management     - Elevator Control                    - Debit and Meal Plan
         - ID Badging            - Video Surveillance       - Basic Time & Attendance

      •Seamless Integrations with Video Surveillance, Fire Alarm, Alarm, BAS, BMS, and other Systems



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