HID® KIAT™ Chip Operating System
قسم KIAT™
العلامة التجارية HID
Multi-Application Operating System


KIAT is a multi-application operating system designed to work with contactless and dual-interface microcontrollers, in compliance with the international standards ISO 7816 (up to 192 kbps T=0) and ISO 14443 (up to 848 kbps).

KIAT OS features:

  • Active Authentication / PIN
  • Transaction management
  • Secure messaging
  • Secure proprietary e-Purse
  • Rollback functionality

The COS Cryptographic algorithms are:

  • Cipher: DES (TDES, DESX) ECB-CBC
  • Signature: DES MAC8
  • MAC: ISO 9797, ISO 10118
  • Checksum: CRC16/CRC32
  • Random Number: Secure Random
  • DES Key Size: up to 120-bit

Main strengths are:

  • ersatility: KIAT OS can be used in many different markets
  • High reliability: extensively tested for many applications;
  • Multi-application feature: KIAT OS can be used for many different applications;

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