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Product Introduction

Vehicle safety inspection system can check whether the vehicle underbody have been unlawfully altered, hiding drugs,bombs and other prohibited
items. it can also check places that human body is inconvenient to reach .In addition, this product has a high degree of protection design, it can work
in harsh environments. The product is suitable for airport, port, customs, prisons and military restricted etc.

General parameter

 Image Resolution:2048 px
 Maximum scan rate:18kHz
 Detecting vehicle speed:<30km/h
 Field of view: Better than 160º
 Power Supply:DC12V 6A
 llumination:LED ,30W;lifespan:50000h
 Chassis image data interface:Ethernet 100BaseT/1000BaseT
 Chassis Image Resolution(when the vehicle speed is 30km / h):The highest resolution is better than 0.5mm / pixel
 Structure protection grade:IP66
 Ambient temperature:-10ºC ~+60ºC

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