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Product Introduction

Under vehicle security inspection system is specially design to inspect the suspicious stuffs, forbidden objects and illegal which may hide behind the car. This system can show them on the computer screen accurately in real time. Our equipment simplified the inspection process and cut the process time. Compared with the traditional inspection methods such as handheld mirror, this device can identify the suspicious stuffs more accuracy in a shorter time.

Product Features

 The scanning method of the Vehicle chassis image: un-trigger type scanning method
 The image building time: less than 1 second
 The image resolution rate: ≥50 million
 The light source under the vehicle: LED light source (Using time: ≥50000 hours)
 The storage size: <2M
 Image enlargement: >16 times
 The equipment performance of anti-rolling and anti-compaction: ≥30 tons (or it can adjust up to 60 tons according to the requirement )
 Optional functions: Vehicle license identification, barrier, Vehicle barrier, Traffic light, Internet, Biological identification, Under-vehicle comparison technique and so on.

Product Parameter

 Under-vehicle image resolution:multiple models available.
 Field of view angel:≥170
 Working voltage:DC 12V~24V
 Working electricity: ≤15A
 Working temperature:-40 to 70 ℃
 Equipment performance:This equipment has anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fog and so on.
 Anti-rolling and anti-compaction performance:≥30 tons (or it can adjust up to 60 tons according to the equirement )
 Application condition:Satisfy different types of vehicle, not only suitable for normal car, but also for lengthen van.
 Structure design:Single seal spherosome structure design
 Machinery structure requirement:LED and camera case protection level conform to GB 4209-2008’s IP68 standard


Optional customization


 Drivers’ identification management
 Drivers’ license scanning management
 Drivers’ information management
 RFID technique management
 Staffs’ entry and exist management(IC card)
 Facial snapshot management
 Vehicle dynamic snapshot in high definition
 Vehicle license identification management
 Vehicle-scene video tape management
 Security inspection of vehicle
 Biological identification management such as finger prints, palm prints, face, pupil etc

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