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Eastimage is a world’s leading security equipment supplier headquartered in Shanghai, using the high cost-effective security products and the professional security solutions as our significant characteristics to stand out from the industry.
EI-V150180DV is a practical large tunnel x-ray security equipment with dual view which is ideally suitable for large size luggage inspection like oversized checked baggage, bulky objects and so on.
EI-V150180DV can display horizontal and vertical images by two independent generators, therefore operators can identify overlapping objects and detect out dangerous, illegal objects, contraband easily and precisely.

Technology features

 Shiny clear images; High-resolution

 Multi-energy penetration system

 Multi-functions image processing system

 EI-TIP(Threat Image Projection) function

 Any selection of the image magnified area

 Collection the high-speed parallel of detection data

 Removable structure with independent console

 Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB

 Big tunnel design with multi-function operator interface

 Portable separate structural design, equipped with independent operator’s desk

General Specifications

Tunnel Size:1550 mm(W)× 1810 mm(H)
Conveyor Speed:0.2m/s
Conveyor Height:400mm
Max. Load:2000 kg(Evenly distributed)
Image resolution:22’’LCD 1680×1050(Double Display)

Optional Features

Bi-directional Scanning
EI-BB100 Black Box
OTP The Operator Training Program
Voltage Stabilizer
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
1.2m Roller type Roller Tables

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