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العلامة التجارية ASTIMAGE

Feature and Application

Handy structure,beautiful appearance,high sensitivity,with knapsack bag,easy carry. It is be used for gold,silver shop, or jewelry factory,public security personnel,and school exam check where need high sensitivity,or need silence check.

Product Parameter

 Alarm Indication : Audio alert and LED indicator and Vibration can work together,with headphone output.(headphone is optional accessory )

 Sensitivity :≥6cm(for a RMB one YUAN Coin)

 Power Supply:9V fold battery (6F22ND),can connect with recharger,(recharger is optional accessory)

 Quiescent Current :<5.1mA Operation Current:Audio and LED<20mA ,Vibration<70mA

 Size: 420*80*40mm

 Net Weight: 330g

 Gross Weight:406g

 Packing:White Box

 Packing Size:425*100*55mm

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