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Product Introduction

EI-HN300 handheld Narcotics Trace Detector is a lightweight, fast, accuracy and extremely sensitive detection for trace narcotics based Ion Mobility Spectrometry(IMS)technology, which is independently developed. It has many advanced functions such as optional sensitivity level, hot-start, suitable for highlands advantages as easy operation, low-cost consumables and convenient maintenance.

EI-HN300has been applied many patents and inspected by the national Quality Supervise Center of Safety Protection and Alarming System, it has been widely applied for airport, customs, frontier defense, police, national defense, smuggling suppression, fire protection and army department etc.

Main Features

 High sensitivity and detecting ng to pg. level explosives

 Fast response and give analysis result within 8 seconds

 Three optional sensitivity, with hot-start function

 External vacuum sampling unit for effectives sample collection

 Environmental adaptability, used normally in highlands

 Portable and lightweight, 3.5 kg in total

 3.5” color TFT display, rich interface prompts, easy to use

 Open databases, remote online service, use without worry


Technology:Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Narcotics Detected:Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, THC, MDMA, Ketamine, Morphine,

,Pethidine,Methylephedrine,LSD. Expandable Library

Sensitivity:ng to pg level

Analysis Time:2 to 10 seconds

Warm-up Time:15 minutes (hot-start with5 minutes)

Sample Collection:Particulate collection via wiping, non-contact vapor collection

Sample acquisition distance:Less than 20cm for non-contact vapor collection

Power:110/220VAC, 50/60HZ

Battery:22.2VDC, lithium ion battery, work more than 4h, stand-by time:≥8h

Alarm:Audio and visual, with substance identification and display on LCD screen

Data Display:3.5" color TFT display

Calibration:internal automatic calibration

Dimensions:410×140×140 mm (16.2"×5.2"×5.2 ")

Weight:Less than 3.5kg (with battery)

Working Temperature:-10℃ to 60℃

Relative Humidity:≤95%

interface:USB, RS232

Data Memory:120000 records (2G SD card)


1. Airports 2. Police 3. Courts 4. Customs 5. Smuggling Suppression 6. Narcotics Suppression 7. Post Offices 8. Prisons

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