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Product Introduction

EI-HE800 Explosives trace detector is self-owned patented bionic electron-optical instrument, which is adopted molecular imprinting and fluorescence quenching technique. We often call this type of device “sniffer dog.” It can identify the hidden explosives by volatile odorant and traces of explosives on the surface of the detected object. This device is mainly used for security checks and detecting explosive. EI-HE800 Explosives trace detector has been widely used in civil aviation, urban railway system, railway, public security, guard, financial system and other international events like Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Davos Economic Forum, Shenzhen Universiade, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and Hangzhou G20 Summit.

Main Features

 By using fluorescence quenching technology, explosives trace detectors can detect explosives without radioactive sources, by which avoiding causing harm to operators, passengers as well as the environment. The device itself will not become a threat if lost.
 Currently this device is the highest sensitivity instrumentation and the detection sensitivity can reach 1 pg or 10-15 g/ml of TNT. (If there is one quadrillionth TNT in per milliliter of gas, this device would easy to detect out.) We also can adjust detection sensitivity according to the detection environment.
 Short response time 5-8 seconds to make alarm.
 Easy to use, no warm up. Also the detection can realize continuous detection and automatic inspection.
 Weight no more than 1.1 kg with battery, the device is small and light. It is convenient to carry and test on the spot.
 It can work immediately when the power supply is connected. Can detect out whether explosives are stuck onto the detect objects when
 This instrument uses the color and touch screen and the display interface which can be used to check the instrument's working status. Also self-test and improper status prompting function included.


Essential feature:Using fluorescence quenching technology, No radioactive substance.
The detection of explosive type:TNT、DNT、RDX、NG、PETN、TETRYL、NA、BP、HMX、TATP、C4、Semtex and so on.
Detection Sensitivity:1 pg standard TNT or 1ng BP
Cold Start:7s
Analysis time:≤5s
Recovery time:19s (3 continuous alarms).
False alarm rate:less than 1%
Sampling:direct sniffer sampling, ordinary paper wipe sampling.
Type of alarm:LCD displaying and audible alarm
External dimension:270mm (L) × 110mm (W) × 120mm (H)
Weight:no more than 1.1 kg with battery
Power supply:It powered by rechargable battery and the battery can work continuously more than 8 hours after fully charged.
Work environment:temperature: -10 ~ +55 ℃ relative humidity: 5% - 95%
Store and recall up to 70000 sets of data in tests. It also can export data by using USB interface.

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